Saturday, June 14, 2014

Five For Friday

Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Five for Friday fun on a Saturday! This week marks the end of my first week of summer vacation. I have to admit, I texted my husband a few times complaining about how bored I was. I REALLY need to learn how to relax and relish not having a to do list a mile long.

 I think I am in need of a Dog Whisperer...stat! We rescued a sweet Dachshund/Russell Terrier mix a few months ago. Poor guy was abused and has a lot of insecurities due to that. However, he is the most loving and sweetest little guy! He gets along well with other dogs (I have two more Dachshunds), but when we take him on a walk all hell breaks loose. He finally stop trying to chew the leas off and actually walks somewhat straight ahead. He no longer barks incessantly at people walking or passing us by (it's not an aggressive bark, he just is way too excited...but it scares people). However, he can't handle being around other leashed dogs (minus my other two pups).

I tried walking them at the lake yesterday and that was an epic fail. He just wouldn't stop barking at other people walking their pups. It is quite embarrassing, because people are making remarks and giving me the look. Again, he is wagging his tail and barking because he is excited. But other peeps don't know that. So we had to get back in the car and head home. I feel bad for Buster and Hans because they love their walks and are well behaved.

I broke down and called a dog trainer. I'm hoping to get Clyde to learn how to settle down so we can enjoy our walks.
Isn't Clyde the cutest!
All three of my furbabies doing what they do best...relax!

I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring in the past year, because apparently my finger put on a little weight. I should clarify, I put it on a few months ago, only for it to get stuck. We almost had to head to the doctor to get that thing off. Today, I finally made it to the jeweler to get it resized. My ring resizing turned into the dismantling of the ring. I decided to upgrade and get a vintage inspired new ring (of course with the husbands blessing). Instead of resizing my solitaire ring, I am having the jeweler design  a necklace using the diamond. I don't wear many rings and figured this was a beautiful way to keep the sentiment behind my first ring and I wear necklaces all the time. I can't wait to pick them up tomorrow!
I have a stack, well, more like a box of books I plan on reading this summer. A mix of a little bit of everything. So far I have finished three books and it's only a week into my summer vacation! I read The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild, both written by Donalyn Miller. They were both great books (easy reads too). I can't wait to use her strategies with my 5th graders this fall. Catherine from The Brown Bag Teacher is starting a Summer Book Study (June 19th-July 29th) for the Reading in the Wild book. Head over to her blog for more information. It will be fun!
Since this was my first week of break, I got to catch up on Dexter. We are way behind (we started watching it late in the game). It is so good! We finished season 5 this week and are moving on to season 6.

I met up with some amazing Southern California teacher bloggers ( today at the Scholastic Warehouse sale. I'm hoping to restock my classroom library with a few good chapter books. Courtney from Ramona Reccomends had the idea of this meet up and lunch. She is a pro when it comes to children's literature and has great recommendations. You should all check out her blog....tons of great information  and ideas on there! She surprised us with some amazingly cute and yummy cookies. Beth over at A Kindergarten Life for Me is always so thoughtful and makes the cutest things for us! Love my crayon pencil holder!! Thanks for all the photos Courtney!!!

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  1. I love this post! Please share what other books you are reading this summer! I can't wait to share Reading in the Wild! :) It was a pleasure to have you at the meet-up! I always enjoy talking to you and even better you are an upper grade teacher! Hope to hang out again this summer!

    1. I will definitely share some of the books I'm reading. I will most likely post about it towards the end of summer. Right now I'm reading The Book Thief and I love it! However, It's not a book for elementary kiddos. Yes! I hope to see you all again this summer.

  2. Oh my goodness...the pictures of all three of your babies together is AWESOMENESS! I can't even stand how cute they all look together. I had to get a ring cut off once in the summer. I flipped out because I couldn't get it off and my finger was turning blue. Getting that thing cut off felt better than any long, hot shower and that's saying a lot because showering is my favorite thing next to napping and eating! Can't wait to see a pic of your "new" necklace! I love Dexter! We were behind on that too, but caught up and finished. Now we are in the middle of House of Cards....stuck again.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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