Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Year of Sundays

Finally getting around to posting the last five weeks of our project photos! Heather (Loose Shoelaces) and I are still at it! We just finished the 3rd month of our project...only 9 more months to go and loving every minute of it. I still get all giddy waiting for Heather's email with her weekly shots!! It so fun to see if there are any similarities or drastic differences. I love the angle of her shot on May 4th. Getting down at her adorable pooches. She is always making the yummies looking deserts too! Drooling.

There are quite a few similarities over the past few weeks.  In Sneaky Bird and Doggie Blanket both our shots have the focal point located in the left hand corner. May 4th is obvious... our pups. On our  Beauty and the Beast image (just noticed it as I was blogging) our focal point is at the top of our image. Those similarities are why I love doing this project! I also love it when we have such contrasting shots like our Outside Inside diptych.

Heather's image is always on the left and my image is on the right.

Sunday, April 27th:
Sneaky Bird and Doggie Blanket

Sunday, May 4th:

Sunday, May 11th:
Outside and Inside

Sunday, May 18th:
Beauty and the Beast

Sunday, May 25th:
Sun Bathing and Steak

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