Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Very Late Currently December :)

Wowsa! Two posts in one day! I think that may be against the blogger rules, but I'm a rule breaker at times...gotta live on the edge once in a while!

Linking up with Farley for December's Currently! Oh and my normally photograph enriched currently posts, will be lacking this month.

Listening:  Why haven't I discovered Pandora sooner?!? While I was in Kentucky for Thanksgiving Break, my friend introduced me to Pandora. I love it! I love that I can type in an artist and they come up with a similar playlist. I do realize I've said "love" one to many times in this short paragraph! Oh well...

Loving: Winter Break is just around the corner! We get three weeks off for Winter Break! Wowsa! At my previous school we had two weeks off and I liked that better. Three weeks is great, but that means only one week for Spring Break versus two weeks of Spring Break. Since, I'm addicted to traveling, one week just isn't long enough for a long distance vacation. I shall make it work by golly!

Thinking: About how I really need to sit down and finish the opinion literacy unit before Winter Break. For some reason, I always seem to find other things that just HAVE to get know the dishes, the lawn, walking my pooches...

Wanting: What can I say life is fabulous!

Needing: To get back into my gym/workout regime. Whenever we go on break  I tend to get a bit lax on my workouts, especially if I end up traveling. I've even gone to the extent of packing work out clothes with the intention of working out. Key word: intention! Hahaha..

Favorite Tradition:  Cutting down our own Christmas tree! There will never ever be a fake tree in our home! Ever since I was a wee child, my family would head off to the Christmas tree farm and cut down our own tree. My husband and I continue to do so. I love searching for the perfect tree with my hot coco in hand.

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  1. Hi there Chelsea! I just linked into Farley's blog and saw your blog. Traveling is what you do when you're not teaching? Well, I am doing both of them at once! I am teaching English in Korea this year after teaching 15 years in Texas. I got placed at a blind school, which is different. Can't wait to hear from you!


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