Monday, July 8, 2013

Crazy with the Washi Tape...Made It Monday!

It's Monday and that means linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for the Monday Made it link!

I've recently discovered washi tape and fell in love. I went a little washi tape crazy this past weekend.
I found some cute washi tape at Michaels, but their selection was pretty slim. I found a couple wonderful online sites (Freckled Fawn and Cute Tape) that have a lot of different styles to choose from at decent prices. Freckled Fawn has some cute tapes on sale right now. I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of my new tape!

What I love about washi tape is that you can decorate plain items, but you can also make things from scratch! So not only did I decorate things for my classroom, I made some bookmarks that I will be giving out to my 5th graders when school starts. It was super easy to do and pretty quick and Live a Little Wilder has a great step by step tutorial. However, instead of making the bookmarks 3 inches wide as she suggests, I made them 4 inches wide.

Washi Tape Bookmarks!

You will need washi tape, cardstock, and sticky magnets.

  ***I apologize for the yellow tint on the photos...that is what happens when I take photos without a flash in horrible lighting.***

Cut the card stock so it is 4 inches wide and then attach the washi tape on both sides of the cardstock: 

Next cut the sticky magnets and place on each end of the bookmark:

Now fold the bookmark in half:

You now have a super cute bookmark!

 Magnetic Pencil Holder
I bought this magnetic pencil cup a few years ago. I took it home and tried to take the sticker off the front, to no avail. I don't know why they would place the sticker their or make it to where it won't come off! So, I had it on my whiteboard, clearance tag and all! That all changed this past weekend!

Craft Sticks
I use craft sticks to call on my students randomly. My current craft sticks have animal prints on them (they matched my safari theme years ago). I found those premade, but I can't seem to find any that will go with my new theme. So I made my own. I still need to write the numbers on them, but I think they turned out cute.

Library Card Pockets

I found the colored library card pockets at the Dollar Tree (a pack of 20 for $1) and inherited the creme colored ones. I love how the washi tape makes them more appealing to the eye.  Once my new tape is delivered I plan on mix and matching the tapes on one item.


Clothesline Clips

Wooden Picture Frame
I bought the picture frame from Ikea (they come in packs of 3). I plan on using them in my classroom. 


Paper Clips
This is a cute idea for a few decorative paper clips. I think I am going to cut the washi tape so it is at  more of an angle. I think it will look a little cuter.

Mini Totes
I bought the totes at Michaels ($1.00 each).

I'm off to find more things to washi tape! :)      
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  1. Sooo cute! I love all of your projects with the washi tape!!

  2. Thanks for the ideas. I need MORE washi tape! I only got my first three rolls this wknd.

    Literacy Spark

    1. Me too! I think I'm addicted to washi tape! Lol...

  3. Thank you for posting all of these great ideas. There are some good deals going on this week for washi tape so now I know what I can use it for!

    Sixth Grade Tales
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  4. I just bought some today! Love the stuff!
    Not sure what it is about that crazy cute stuff!
    The magnet bookmarks are very cute!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

  5. This is hilarious - you really are obsessed :) But with good reason! If it's affordable I might be following your lead..
    The Sweetest Thing
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    1. Be is very addictive! Lol...

  6. Love the bookmark. I've got to make some for my kids. Thanks for the great idea.

  7. Holy moly! I've been seeing lots of washi tape stuff and now it's official, I'm on the hunt for some! So cute!

    The Science Life

    1. Yay! Another 5th grade teacher and you teach science! I just visited your site and I love it!

  8. Glad to find another 5th grade teacher! This will be my first year teaching 5th. I've taught 4th for five years. I have got to buy some Washi tape after seeing it on everyone's blogs! :)

    1. Lana you will LOVE 5th grade! Will you have some the same students? Last year was my first year in 5th and it was nice to see my old 3rd graders as 5th graders!

  9. So cute! I just ordered my first rolls of washi tape and I can't wait to use them!!

  10. PS - Just nominated you for the Liebster award! So excited to follow you in your blogging journey from here on out :) Be sure to check out the post when it hits my blog tomorrow morning!

    The Sweetest Thing
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