Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What I've Read this Summer...

It's time for another installment of what I've read this summer. I can't believe how much I've read this summer. It's great! I've made reading part of my morning routine. Every morning, I make my coffee and read for an hour or so. Here are my first and second What I've Read This Summer posts, just in case you were interested.

The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild, by Donalyn Miller
These two books were FANTASTIC! The books are definitely must reads for teachers. Miller's first book The Book Whisperer focuses on how a teacher can truly cultivate a love of reading in the classroom. Reading in the Wild provides more inspiration for cultivating the love of reading. In both books, Miller includes  many strategies that can be implemented in the classroom. Additionally, she cites many resources  that support her ideas. She also includes forms in the back of her book for teachers to use in their classroom. She has such great advice, strategies and techniques that can be used in the classroom. I can't wait to start the 40 book challenge with my own students this school year.
I've also been participating in a book study this summer for the book Reading in the Wild hosted by The Brown Bag Teacher. It has been great reading other teacher's takes on the book and being able to see what they do in their own classrooms. I'm a little behind on my posting with the book study. The last two weeks have been hectic. If your interested here are my posts with the book study:  Week One, Week TwoWeek Three, and Week Four

Freak the Mighty, by Rodman Philbrick
This was such a wonderful book! The story is about an unlikely friendship between two boys who share nothing in common. Max is big for is age and doesn't think he is very smart. While Kevin has a birth defect that causes him to remain small. Kevin is also very intelligent for his age. The two boys deal with a little bit of bullying and they team up to become Freak the Mighty. As Freak the Mighty they share many adventures and live life to its fullest. I think my 5th graders would enjoy the story and will be introducing it to them this year.

Old Yeller, by Fred Gipson
Old Yeller was a charming story that followed the adventures and loving relationship of a boy and his dog. I must say it was a sad book, I was in tears. Maybe because I love dogs and was able to relate to the feelings that you can have with your pets. There are plenty of laughs too! Travis was left alone to care for his mother and younger brother while his dad had to leave for work. Initially Travis did not want to take in the stray dog, but his brother convinced him otherwise. Another great read for 4th grade and up.

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  1. Speaking of books...you know BLT has to go watch something in 4 months right? A LoveLi Class

    1. Yes!! We do!! BLT back in the house! Can't wait!


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