Friday, June 21, 2013

Five for Friday!

So far summer is flying by! Gosh, I don't know how I manage to get things done during the school year! I can barely get through everything right now! Granted, I am taking my time and sleeping in ('till 8am...yup that is the extent of sleeping in for me).

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My second week of summer break looked like this:

1. There has always been such a big fuss over this burger place out in my neck of the woods: Umami Burger. I've heard about his place for years and I thought there was only one location (which wasn't too close to me). Well, one of my besties, Kristin, (she is a lifestyle blogger...check her out at The Pink Diaries) suggested we grab lunch at Umami. Now, for the most part burgers have always tasted about the same to me. Let me say that the Truffle Burger I ate at Umami was the most delicious and amazing burger my taste buds have EVER encountered! I'm hooked now! If you are in Southern CA, you must grab lunch at  Umami Burger and be amazed!

Hands down the best burger EVER! Truffle Burger, Black Cherry Soda, and Cheese Tots!

2. The weekend weather was perfect for riding! Samo and I took our motorcycle/Vespa out for a little day trip. Nothing beats the feeling of riding in the open air! Ahhh, I love it! 

3. My boys, Hans and Buster, really get spoiled during summer break! This week I took them on a little hike and boy did they have fun!
Hansy looking for critters.
Buster taking a breather! It was hot out!

4. I cooked homemade savory empanandas! I filled them with beef, cilantro, black beans, tomatoes, olives, onions, jalapeƱo chiles, and red chile pepper. Often times I change up the filling. I like that I can throw whatever I want into the mixture. I love cooking, especially when I can make everything from scratch! I even had some time to make a blackberry/blueberry smoothie too! Yum!

Poppin these guys in the oven.

Ready to eat!

5. Tomorrow my best friend, Brianne, is heading into town! We have been friends since we were wee little ones, first grade buddies! Twenty-eight years of friendship and counting! We will be meeting up with another  buddy from high school, check out the Queen Mary, and roam around the Watt's Towers. Fun times await!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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